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FDP on Mastering Research Methods in Behavioral Sciences

The Department of Psychology at St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam, in collaboration with the Association For Social Change, Evolution, and Transformation (ASCENT), concluded an intensive and comprehensive 18-day Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on Mastering Research Methods in Behavioral Sciences. The FDP, held virtually via Zoom from 4th January 2022 to 3rd February 2022, was a groundbreaking initiative aimed at equipping faculty members, research scholars, and postgraduate students with advanced research skills and methodologies in the field of Behavioral Sciences.

Program Overview and Design

The FDP was meticulously designed to balance theoretical knowledge with practical application, fostering an immersive learning experience for the participants. With a focus on empowering attendees with the necessary tools, the program included theory sessions, practical exercises, and assignments. The usage of appropriate software and online tools was incorporated at various stages, emphasizing the importance of technology in contemporary research practices.

Distinguished Resource Persons

Eminent and accomplished professionals from diverse fields graced the FDP as resource persons, each contributing their unique expertise and experiences. Some of the notable figures included:

Mr. Shiju Joseph

Shiju Joseph is a Clinical Psychologist and Assistant Professor of Psychology at Government College for Women, Thiruvananthapuram.

Dr. Chinchu C

Dr. Chinchu C. is a Consulting Psychologist, Podcaster, Writer, Educator, and Research Consultant.

Dr. Sameer Babu

Dr Sameer Babu is Associate Professor, Department of Education, Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi.

Dr. Anil Chandran S

He is currently heading the Department of Demography, University of Kerala and is also the Honorary Director of Population Research Centre, University of Kerala.

Dr. Priya K Nair

Dr. Priya K. Nair is an acclaimed translator and an Assistant Professor at the Department of English, St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam.

Dr. Archana Arun

Dr Archana is an academician and research consultant. At present, she is working as a Lecturer at the University of Kerala and Indira Gandhi National Open University.

Mr. Jimson E. R.

Jimson is a research consultant and academician.

Comprehensive Curriculum and Programme Schedule

The program covered an extensive range of topics, starting with developing research aptitude and progressing through essential components such as research ethics, literature review, research design, data collection, statistical analysis, qualitative analysis, report writing, reference management, and scientific research paper writing skills. Notably, practical aspects were emphasized, such as survey data collection, data preparation, and data cleaning, ensuring participants acquired hands-on experience in data management.

Organizing Committee and Coordinators

The success of the programme was largely attributed to the efficient and dedicated efforts of the Organizing Committee, led by the Head of the Department, Ms. Bindu John, and the Chairperson of ASCENT, Ms. Dwitheeya P. Coordinated by Dr. Chinchu C and Ms. Ann Joseph, the programme was flawlessly executed, ensuring a seamless learning experience for all participants.

Impact and Future Prospects

The FDP on Mastering Research Methods in Behavioral Sciences served as a pivotal platform for fostering a culture of advanced research practices and methodologies. With its comprehensive coverage and the expertise of the resource persons, the programme is expected to have a lasting impact on the research landscape within the field of Behavioral Sciences. The knowledge and skills acquired during the FDP are anticipated to empower the participants in their future academic endeavors, research projects, and publications.

In conclusion, the Faculty Development Programme on Mastering Research Methods in Behavioral Sciences was a resounding success, contributing significantly to the academic and research community. It reinforced the importance of continuous learning and adaptation to contemporary research methodologies, marking a significant step forward in the pursuit of excellence within the realm of Behavioral Sciences. The collaborative efforts of St. Teresa’s College and ASCENT in organizing this program exemplify their commitment to fostering academic excellence and research innovation. With such initiatives, the institutions are poised to make a significant contribution to the advancement of the field and the broader community.

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