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Webinar on what is Schizophrenia.

On Schizophrenia Day, May 24, at 7.30 pm, a highly informative and engaging webinar was conducted by esteemed mental health professionals, Nitin Lalachan, Consultant Psychologist, and Rakhi Krishnan, Clinical Psychologist. The webinar was jointly organized by Totem Resource Center and the Association for Social Change Evolution and Transformation (ASCENT), aiming to raise awareness and understanding about schizophrenia. The event, broadcasted live on Totem India's YouTube channel, provided valuable insights into the complexities of the condition and highlighted the importance of empathy and support for individuals affected by schizophrenia. With an open invitation extended to all, the webinar fostered a sense of inclusivity and community engagement in addressing the critical issues surrounding mental health. For those who missed the live session, the recorded version is available on Totem India's YouTube channel, offering a valuable resource for continued education and awareness on schizophrenia.

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