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We believe that adopting standards and networking of committed professionals is essential for the growth of the field. Hence we work for awareness-building with regard to availability, affordability, inclusiveness, ethics, and standards in public service, with a focus on Psychological services.

Wellness Training and Coaching

Approaching Mental Health from a positive perspective, we offer training to all sections of society to achieve a fulfilling life through the enhancement of positive psychological traits.

Corporate Training

We provide corporate training to employees and managers to help them in the areas of Performance, Motivation, Self-regulation, Stress Management, Career Management etc..

Research Guidance and Mentoring

We provide guidance to undergraduate and post-graduate students as well as budding researchers with necessary support and training in all areas of research - from research design to data analysis to publication and dissemination

We are engaged in socially relevant research in all areas of Social Sciences. We promote the use of result-oriented mixed methods research and the compliance of ethics and standards.

We offer counselling to adolescents, couples, employees, students, parents, senior citizens and any other section of the population who realize they are having problems which can be solved with professional help.


Career Guidance

We help students and early-career professionals in Social Sciences design and create their careers through training, coaching and assistance in exam preparations.

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