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ASCENT is a registered non-profit organization (Reg. No. KKD/CA/418/2018) of psychologists and researchers drawn from various fields of social sciences. We have concentrated in the areas of Mental Health Awareness, Training, Advocacy and Research. Our resource pool is a mix of expertise, consisting of Psychologists, Teachers, Trainers, and Researchers from  Various fields of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Our broad dreams include promoting and propagating a healthy and wholesome lifestyle, incorporating all that is positive and progressive about human life.  ​And Yes, Our ultimate dream is to have a better, happier Tomorrow.

The Society shall have the following objectives:

  • To promote awareness regarding various mental health issues among general public

  • To assist students in identifying signs of Mental health issues and help themselves and others manage the risk of mental illnesses

  • To undertake projects to develop and implement training modules in the areas of well being, motivation, and various other fields of psychology

  • To Identify and strive to fill the gap between the demand and availability of psychological services

  • To plan and execute training programmes for Disaster Risk Reduction activities.  

  • To provide manpower support and other resources to institutions and collectives working in similar areas of interest .

  • To provide consultancy service for public and private sector institutions.  

  • To convene conferences and campaigns to impart awareness on mental health and related topics among public

  • To engage in advocacy programmes for the standardization and quality improvement in the practice of various fields of psychology.

  • To develop programs for the rehabilitation of people who have recovered from mental illnesses.   

  • To undertake research projects, conduct workshops, seminars, symposium, etc. and to publish journals, newsletters, bulletins etc. to achieve the objectives


Registration Certificate and Bylaw


Mental Health Innovation Network (MHIN)

Aims and Objectives 



Dwitheeya P

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Early Interventionist &

Consulting Psychologist

Chinchu C.jpeg
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Consulting Psychologist, Personnel Trainer, Writer and

Research Consultant.

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Research Consultant


Muhammed Riyas

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Career Psychologist & Trainer

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-24 at 2.47.31 PM.

Sitara KJ

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Rehabilitation Psychologist & Trainer


Anjitha Mary C J

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Assistant Professor &

Organizational Psychologist

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